Motivation Mindset Training

Our values and passion often reflect our goals and aspirations. Identifying your motivators can empower you to maintain higher levels of motivation during the grind of a game, season, or career.

A great way to see into your mindset is through goal setting. By developing process-oriented goals, you can stay focused on the details critical to consistent, high-level performance.


  • Lack of commitment
  • Lack of purpose
  • Losing streak


  • Goal Setting
  • Drive
  • Passion

Take the First Step With the Coaches’ Activity Guide: Motivation

The Coaches’ Activity Guide provides targeted mindset training for your team that gets at the root of why your players play their sport and what they can do to continue to strengthen their motivation.

Ready to Take Your Athlete’s Mental Game to the Next Level?

Developed by licensed sport psychologists at Premier Sport Psychology, the Motivation Playbook is an e-learning course that guides athletes through the mental training techniques that result in enhanced performances.