Mindfulness Mindset Training

Mindfulness gives an athlete the ability to notice the state of their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in the present moment. This high level of awareness helps an athlete improve their focus, manage their thoughts and emotions, and respond well to adversity.

Mindfulness is a commonly referenced mental strategy but there are many misconceptions about what it is and how it is completed. The intent of this module is to clarify the nature of mindfulness and how it applies to sport and to provide resources for athletes to begin training mindfulness. We have seen firsthand how mindfulness exercises, such as the STOP technique and the AAA module, have enhanced performance in athletes of all levels – even our professional athletes. We recommend practicing these exercises with your athletes and encouraging them to practice mindfulness on their own.


  • Performance anxiety
  • Lack of presence
  • Feeling overwhelmed


  • Being present
  • Develop a high-level of awareness
  • Improve focus
  • Regulate thoughts and emotions

Take the First Step With the Coaches’ Activity Guide: Mindfulness

The Coaches’ Activity Guide provides targeted mindset training for your team teaching the techniques your athletes need to gain a high level of awareness to effectively manage thoughts and emotions.

Ready to Take Your Athlete’s Mental Game to the Next Level?

Developed by licensed sport psychologists at Premier Sport Psychology, the Mindfulness Playbook is an e-learning course that guides athletes through the mental training techniques that result in enhanced performances.