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Since inception, the MFCA has been devoted to helping members realize their potential as competitors, and as individuals. In the spirit of those goals, we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with MFCA and Premier Mindset.

As a coach, you will play a critical part in unleashing an athlete’s potential. The Premier Mindset Program provides you with the tools to help your athletes confidently perform at optimal levels and strengthen team unity through proven mental training skills.

Proven Methodology
Designed To Help Your Team Succeed

Developed by the licensed sport psychologists at Premier Sport Psychology, the Premier Mindset Program is an online, e-learning course that guides athletes through the mental training techniques most directly related to enhanced performance. It offers athletes of all levels a powerful resource to turbo-charge their mental game.

Unlock Your Athletes Potential Through Mindset Training
Athletes will learn new skills to enhance their focus, boost their motivation, manage their energy levels, and improve and maintain their confidence at all times.

Access the Training Your Team Needs, When You Need It
The Premier Mindset Program is available as both a complete program (with all playbooks) and as individual playbooks for a customized training experience.

Take the First Step With the Coaches' Activity Guides

The Coaches’ Activity Guides provide targeted mindset training for your team; challenging them to minimize distractions, stay attentive, and optimize their performance.

Mindset Training
Proven to Enhance Your Team's Performance


Focus Training is for you if your team is experiencing

  • Distractions
  • Lack of focus
  • Focusing on unproductive or unhelpful thoughts


Confidence Training is for you if your team is experiencing

  • Low self-esteem
  • Poor body language
  • Negative self-talk

Emotional Regulation

Emotional Regulation Training is for you if your team is experiencing

  • Unproductive thinking
  • Impulsive behavior
  • Dealing with adversity


Motivation Training is for you if your team is experiencing

  • Lack of commitment
  • Lack of purpose
  • Losing streak


Imagery Training is for you if your team is experiencing

  • High-pressure situations
  • Inconsistent performance
  • Failure without a way to overcome the challenges


Mindfulness Training is for you if your team is experiencing

  • Performance anxiety
  • Lack of presence
  • Feelings of being overwhelmed

Hear it from the Pros

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The Premier Mindset Program is a great sport psychology resource for today’s incredibly busy athlete. The mental game is such a critical component to be a successful pro player, and the program offers highly credible psychological models that athletes can easily adapt to their game.

Brad Bombardir Director of Player Development, Minnesota Wild
The team of sport psychologists that built the Premier Mindset Program know how important the mental game is to the sport of football. They provide tools that players and coaches can easily use to take their mental game to the next level and improve their competitive edge.
Ron Stolski Executive Director, Minnesota Football Coaches Association

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