Imagery Mindset Training

Controllability, vividness, and specificity are critical for effective imagery. Imagery needs to be specific to the situation that needs to be addressed otherwise it is nothing more than daydreaming. We must be vivid and in control of how we incorporate our senses, emotions, or focus in order to be effective. The more specific and vivid we are, the faster we learn and the faster we heal.


  • High-pressure situations
  • Inconsistent performance
  • Difficulty overcoming challenges


  • Develop strategies for performance
  • Learn new skills
  • Reduce performance anxiety
  • Promote faster healing and recovery

Take the First Step With the Coaches' Activity Guide: Imagery

The Coaches’ Activity Guide provides targeted mindset training for your team by teaching controllability, vividness, and specificity to promote high-performance and recovery.

Ready to Take Your Athlete’s Mental Game to the Next Level?

Developed by licensed sport psychologists at Premier Sport Psychology, the Imagery Playbook is an e-learning course that guides athletes through the mental training techniques that result in enhanced performances.