Focus Mindset Training

Because we are human, we cannot control the thoughts and emotions that pop up during competition, but we can control what we choose to focus on. Training ourselves to be selective on what we lock in on helps us become better at our decision-making on the field. Once we get in the habit of selective attention, we can then begin developing the mental toughness to stay present to the most IMPORTANT factors in any given moment. We get distracted from time to time, so it’s important to recognize those moments and shift our attention back more quickly. This separates the “students of the game” from the average athlete.


  • Distractions
  • Lack of focus
  • Focusing on unproductive or unhelpful thoughts


  • Being present
  • Identifying distractions
  • Recognizing the connection between focus and performance

Take the First Step With the Coaches' Activity Guide: Focus

The Coaches’ Activity Guide provides targeted mindset training for your team; challenging them to minimize distractions, stay attentive, and optimize their performance.

Ready to Take Your Athlete’s Mental Game to the Next Level?

Developed by licensed sport psychologists at Premier Sport Psychology, the Focus Playbook is an e-learning course that guides athletes through the mental training techniques that result in enhanced performances.