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Built by several of the nation’s top sport psychologists at Premier Sport Psychology, the Premier Mindset Program offers athletes a powerful resource to turbo-charge their mental game. Through an online e-learning course, you are guided through the mental training techniques that will enhance your performance on and off the field.

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You will learn new skills that improve focus, boost motivation, manage energy levels, and improve and maintain overall confidence.

Mindset Training
Proven to Enhance Your Performance

Focus Playbook

Focus Playbook

Focus Training is for you if you're experiencing

  • Distractibility during performance
  • Issues with focusing on the wrong cues on field, court, or performance arena
  • Unproductive and unhelpful thoughts that hinder performance

Confidence Playbook

Confidence Training is for you if you're experiencing

  • Low self-esteem that is affecting performance
  • Problematic attitudes and behaviors that get in the way of performance
  • A takeover of negative self-talk during practice or the game
Confidence Playbook
Emotional Regulation Playbook

Emotional Regulation Playbook

Emotional Regulation Training is for you if you’re experiencing

  • Unhelpful thinking that hurts your performance
  • Non-helpful impulsive reactions during unexpected or difficult situations
  • Challenges and obstacles that feel impossible to overcome

Motivation Playbook

Motivation Training is for you if you're experiencing

  • Decreased commitment to practicing or performing in your sport
  • Decreased enthusiasm and energy to work hard in your sport
  • Feeling stuck in a losing streak
Motivation Playbook
Imagery Playbook

Imagery Playbook

Imagery Training is for you if you're experiencing

  • Situations where the added pressure is becoming difficult to handle
  • Inconsistency in approaching practice or performance
  • Uncertainty with how to perform differently after a failure

Mindfulness Playbook

Mindfulness Training is for you if you're experiencing

  • Performance anxiety or nervousness during performance
  • A feeling of being anywhere but in the present moment
  • Feelings that are overwhelming and hinder peak performance
Mindfulness Playbook

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The Premier Mindset Program is a great sport psychology resource for today’s incredibly busy athlete. The mental game is such a critical component to be a successful pro player, and the program offers highly credible psychological models that athletes can easily adapt to their game.
Brad Bombardir Director of Player Development, Minnesota Wild

There is no doubt that you need the Premier Mindset Program.  Everyone can always get better, and there is no underestimating what the mind can do.  This program teaches you how to access mental channels that you have ignored or likely never seen. The Premier Mindset Program provides us with efficient, practical, and inspirational techniques to enhance performance and challenge us to become better.

Oliver Eslinger Head Men's Basketball Coach, Caltech

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