About Us

The Premier Mindset Program is an e-course developed by several of the nation’s top sport psychologists at Premier Sport Psychology. The program provides accessible mindset training, backed by science and research, to develop and empower the mental skills of individuals and teams to achieve peak performance with confidence. Our goal is to make high-level sport psychology practices available and affordable to athletes of all kinds, in all regions of the world.

The Premier Mindset Program is the go to mental skills training tool for athletes, teams, and coaches in youth sports, colleges/universities, and professional sports to achieve their optimal performance.

The Premier Mindset Program is not designed or intended to address any specific mental health concerns or replace individual therapy sessions. The program may be utilized to support work with a sport psychologist.

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Looking for Individual or Group Sport Psychology Sessions?

Premier Sport Psychology provides a range of services to help athletes of all levels contend with the rigors of sport, accelerate growth, and live healthier, more examined lives.

Sport psychology sessions with licensed psychologists approach each athlete holistically, and target any conditions that may be impacting performance, livelihood, or mental health.